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Import / Export

Our company, relying on our extensive experience, offers creative solutions for consumers based on market needs and conditions. Additionally, we are here for entrepreneurs who aim to establish their own brands.

Contract Manufacturing

It may be difficult for you to produce a product, but for us, producing thousands of products for you only takes us hours. Contact us now and we will send your sample product to your address.

Contact Us

You can reach our expert team immediately from here. You will be assisted quickly.

About Us

In our facility with GMP certification, we produce for many industries. In the cosmetic sector, we produce products such as perfumes, body care, hair care products, shower gels, soaps, shampoos, etc. In the dermocosmetics & colored cosmetics field, we produce products that are used for skin, hair, and body care, which have passed dermatological tests. Among these products are diaper rash prevention cream, snail secretion cream, anti-cracking, anti-aging products, sun products, etc. Our product range is increasing every day. With our expert team, we can produce from our own formulas in any quantity you want or with customized packaging and formulas for you. Throughout the branding process, we provide you with complete consultancy services with tailor-made products for your needs.

Reliable Production

Expert R&D Team

Our specialized team works with creative thinking to provide our customers with customized solutions and embraces the latest technology in the industry.

Quality Raw Materials

The superior quality raw material selection that forms the basis of our products supports our goal of providing our customers with unique and effective cosmetic experiences.

Reliable Production

Our facility is GMP certified and its quality and reliability are certified by the most trusted independent organizations. You can examine all our certifications in detail from our Certificates menu.

Our Certificates

Our Departments

Support Department

The company’s support department works efficiently to resolve customers’ issues and ensure their satisfaction. The support team is trained continuously to answer any questions regarding products or services and enhance the customer experience.

Sales & Marketing

“The sales and marketing department develops strategies to effectively promote the product or service to the target audience and increase sales. The marketing team analyzes consumer needs to reach the right target audience and plans marketing campaigns and strategies to boost sales.”


“The shipping department manages logistics processes to ensure timely and secure delivery of products to customers. The company’s shipping team aims to maximize customer satisfaction by effectively planning logistics from warehouse departure to delivery.”

Foreign Trade

“The company’s foreign trade department manages export and import processes by discovering new opportunities in international markets. The foreign trade team specializes in customs procedures, international transportation, and commercial agreements to enhance the company’s competitiveness in the global arena.”

Production Department

The production department oversees the planning, manufacturing, and quality assurance of the company’s products or services within the factory or facility. The company’s production team continuously reviews and reorganizes their processes to increase efficiency, control costs, and continuously improve product quality.


“The procurement department is responsible for sourcing the materials needed by the company at the most competitive prices and managing the supply chain. The company’s procurement team manages relationships with suppliers to procure quality materials on time and develops strategies to reduce costs.”


“The certification process is a crucial step in verifying the compliance of the company’s products or services with national or international standards. Certification ensures the reliability and quality of the company’s products and processes, thereby maintaining quality management and compliance standards.”

Web & Graphics & SEO

“Web, graphic, and SEO experts aim to strengthen the company’s online presence by effectively managing its digital assets and reaching the target audience. By combining web design, graphic design, and SEO strategies, an integrated approach is adopted to enhance the company’s visibility online and improve its online performance.”

With our expert team, we can produce as much as you want from our own formulas or with custom packaging and formulas if you wish.

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